CTIC educates and empowers our students and prepares them for life beyond school.


CTIC takes a wholistic approach to education making sure learning enjoyable and meaningful


At CTIC we have enthusiastic, dedicated teachers and a wide range of classes for different skill sets.

At CTIC we have unique electives tailored specifically to our students needs.

  • Electives enable students to focus upon their individual needs while giving freedom to control their own learning outcomes.
  • Exposes students to different teaching styles.

We create a unique learning environment so that students can achieve beyond just language skills


Hear what our students have to say…



Nov, 16

CTIC’s Halloween competition was held at our Interactive lounge on 27th October.       Check out our winners’ video – the Final CASStination!  

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Sep, 24

CTIC Teacher story 1 – Xoe Vassallo

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Aug, 24

CTIC students are taking exams to reaffirm their progress

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What Our Students Say

Thiago Felizardo (From Brazil)

Thiago Felizardo (From Brazil)

“Amazing  experience! Choosing Cass Training International College to learn English was one of my best choices! It’s an excellent college. Teachers are very creative which helps me to improve quickly. We do different activities inside and outside of the classroom which are very fun! I love the mix of nationality. I love Cass Training International College.!



Hevelyn Fagundes (From Brazil)

Hevelyn Fagundes (From Brazil)

“When I came to Australia I was afraid because I couldn’t speak English. I have never studied English before so I didn’t feel confident. During my time at Cass Training I improved very fast, in 6 months I moved up 3 levels, now I feel that my speaking skills and listening skills have improved a lot.

The teacher always gave us new lessons so we were able to learn new vocabulary and also I always had the opportunity to participate in the class and do presentations in front of my classmates.

The environment is good and I was very lucky because I could have classes with the best teachers and learnt a lot with my friends from others countries with different cultures. Very friendly school with the funniest teachers. I think every student deserves a place like this.”


Hevelyn Fagundes


From Real English 2

Takatsuna YAGISAWA (From JAPAN)

Takatsuna YAGISAWA (From JAPAN)

“I studied at CTIC for just a month. It was not long enough to be studying here but I am going to graduate this week. Time flies!! I made a lot of friends in this school while I was studying Real English (2) and (3). I especially improved my grammar skill and vocabulary such as Aussie slang. My teachers always provide classes which are helpful and easy to understand. I noticed that those 2 classes I was taking follow a totally different style from other school because I had to have my opinion and share with my classmates all he time. I have learnt so many things though those classes not only English!”

Nopporn CHORNCHUBCHOKE (From Thailand)

Nopporn CHORNCHUBCHOKE (From Thailand)

“My name is Nopporn. I am from Thailand. I have studied at CTIC for 6 months. I have made many friends here. They are from all different countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Korea and more. We always spoke English even though during break time so I moved up to an Upper-Inter class when I graduated. I used to say “Good morning” to everyone because teachers and students were very friendly. I could talk to anyone at school although they were not my classmates.

CTIC has elective classes. I used to take grammar classes for elective and free classes every Friday because I know I had to improve my English for my future. I have learnt so much here and I am really happy with my English now.”